Network Security Threats: What You Should Know About Denial of Service Attacks

Network Security

The term “DoS” or Denial of Service attacks refers to incidents that make systems on computer networks temporarily inaccessible and unusable. DoS attacks could occur due to certain activities of network administrators or users, but usually occur due to the acts of malicious individuals or hackers. These attacks could cost businesses money and time while … Read more

Super Model Karlie Kloss’ Trailblazers of STEAM Project Celebrates Brilliant Women in Tech

Karlie Kross

Mention the name Karlie Kloss and people would immediately think Victoria’s Secret model, Vogue and L’Oreal Paris. But not everybody knows that this supermodel is slowly brewing up a storm in getting more women interested in S&T (Science and Technology). Back in 2015, Kloss launched Kode with Klossy, a program that teaches girls aged 13 … Read more

How a Spider Named Kim is Helping Scientists Create a New Class of Jumping Robots

Kim - Spider

A spider named Kim is helping scientists create agile jumping robots. Using high-speed cameras and 3D CT scans, researchers from the University of Manchester recorded how Kim jumps to capture the mechanics and the minutest details of how spiders leap. The study is now published in Nature Scientific Reports. The researchers hope that their improved … Read more

Google teams up with CyArk to Preserve Endangered Wonders of the World


Google is working with tech nonprofit CyArk in preserving the world’s wonders in virtual reality. In a joint effort called Open Heritage, Google teams up with tech nonprofit CyArk to provide the public with virtual reality (VR) access to the world’s endangered historical sites. CyArk, a 3D laser scanning nonprofit is responsible for scanning the … Read more

Sparta Science Gets Stronger as it Plays with More Pros

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints

Sparta Science attracts more high-profile sports organization with injury prevention and rehabilitation software. Start-up Sparta Science racks up high-profile partnerships in the professional sports world with its sports injury solutions. The sports health company currently works with Atlanta Falcons, Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Cavaliers in preventing and rehabilitating sports injuries. Sparta Science’s Diagnostic Solutions Sparta … Read more