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January 2004




Rev Hezron Musalale of Mbalizi-Mbeya, Tanzania, had faithfully served the Lord many long years before his

Rev. Hezron Musalale

path intersected with InterComm. As a respected Christian leader in his country, Tanzania, Rev. Musalale was selected for Advanced Leadership Training at the Haggai Institute in 1993. Ken Anderson was teaching Audiovisual Evangelism options.


The problem Rev. Musalale faced, however, was a lack of financial resources. He could see the benefit of using Torch Kits and other audiovisuals, but without a benefactor, they were priced out of his ability to purchase. "I could not manage to purchase a Torch Kit in Singapore," he wrote, "but Iím very much interested to have one."

He and his church were filled with joy upon learning a Kit was finally on the way. In April 1995 the Torch Kit arrived and shortly thereafter his note of thanks - "Iím delighted to inform you about the safe arrival of your package. Iím very thankful for the desire InterComm has in extending the Word of God through audiovisuals. I have already started using the Kit, and the results are excellent," he wrote.


It took a long time to receive his first Report, but when it arrived, the touch of God was evident. He wrote, "We have seen through the use of the Torch Kit so many souls have come to Christ. Over the last 4 years, we have started 25 churches and established 50 other preaching points in the rural remote areas of Tanzania. The Kit has been of great use, especially in those areas where there is no electricity, poor roads, and limited means of communication."

God moved Rev. Musalale to the big city where our 8 Kiswahili Language videos became effective. He wrote, "I am strongly convinced that video ministry in the cities is a powerful tool for evangelism. I am saddened, however, one of the major lacks in evangelism today is our failure to make adequate use of media to attract souls. The response we continue to see is very encouraging."


One night while he and his family were out on ministry, a severe earthquake struck anddestroyed their home. Before returning, the house was looted. Yet, he wrote, "We thank God for His protection. We all survived, but we lost almost everything. Yet, we continue to trust the Lord. We are praying for InterComm that the Lord may continue supplying all of your needs for the progress of His work and for the salvation of precious souls all over the world."


Rev. Musalale has paid a huge price in his service to the Lord. It cost him his home and nearly all of his worldly belongings. Yet, through his efforts, the Gospel has been proclaimed to over 46,000 countrymen, and to date 4,623 have accepted Christ. Thank you for helping us equip men and women of God of this caliber.





Make sure they hear what you are saying!


InterComm is helping churches and Christian organizations put a personalized interactive CD-ROM in the hands of every visitor, potential donor and supporter. Our new Information Interactive CD is a powerful information reservoir that can be used to answer questions for potential church members, highlight giving opportunities for supporters, and clarify needs in the mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Visitors to churches leave with a touch of Godís love in their hands, information about church mission, ministry, outreach and youth involvement. Potential donors receive a pertinent and focused message on needs and giving opportunities.


You may view examples by clicking on this link: http://www.intercommedia.org/pages/i_interactive.htm

Your referral of our new information interactive CD to Christian churches, organizations and businesses in your area would be greatly appreciated! Please donít delay - your assistance is needed today!






John and Agatha Deguah of Monrovia, Liberia write:

"Video and Filmstrips are rather new to many people in our country, which has been so ravished by war over the last many years. Most media was destroyed and public showings were virtually impossible. We are finding as we re-introduce media, that Filmstrips and Videos are touching the people in a very unique way. They actually stop us from leaving their villages, wanting to see more. Some young boys, looking at the film, ELEPHANT BOY, were deeply touched when the wild elephant was taken away from the young man in the story. In another village an old man brought his praying rosary and prayer mat to prove that he would not be worshiping in the Muslim religion any longer. Another time we were invited by a group to bring our material into a Secret Society of Devil Worshipers. When they watched the Filmstrip stories, SNAKEBITE and JUMA, many of them identified so closely with the story they felt they could have been the characters portrayed. They openly admitted that they were living similar lives. We have been very encouraged by peopleís reception to the media."


Overall there were 51 showings, 1,016 audience, 333 salvation decisions.





Evangelist Thomas Abugah of Kumasi, Ghana writes:

"The Torch and Video are both effective tools for evangelism and challenge sinners to receive Godís grace in a more effective way than we find with traditional preaching of long sermons. The mood of viewers, watching HOBO & THE RUNAWAY was challenging. From it people saw the need to return to Christ by confessing in repentance. In the Filmstrip of JESUS, people sobbed, as He was nailed to the cross. They came to the realization that He bore our sins on the cross for us. The Torch is a very effective means of evangelism. People are coming to Jesus via these showings, and it is all very encouraging. AVangelism is power. I have made it a special feature in my ministry of evangelism and church planting."


6 showings, 602 audience, 128 responding to salvation.




by Ken Anderson


HEARTBEAT this month begins a series of articles covering my many years of travels. Youíll meet some of the wonderful people that helped us over the years and learn a little about some of the Projects we produced with either major segments or the entire film taking place in and around the Holy Land. What follows is segment #1.

In my early life as an audiovisual producer, we wanted to develop a student evangelism film centered in Israel. We wanted to highlight the stress faced by Israeli and Palestinian Christians. George, the CEO of a Jewish Mission in the USA, offered to help us survey Jewish Christians in Israel, providing many good leads through correspondence, which we hoped to contact upon arrival. I accompanied George on one of his upcoming trips, and upon arrival, we spent a good bit of time in Haifa but connected with no one.


George asked, "Do you know Wayne King, the American missionary residing in Nazareth?" "Sure do." I responded. He had helped us on some other production work we had completed. We traveled on to a boarding school where George had arranged accommodations for the night and enjoyed a festive dinner with students and teachers. Wayne King also joined us. After dinner, we moved into the parlor with a dozen of the students. One of them, about 18, set up a Projector and Tape Recorder. Wayne had worked with some of the students, who had helped record the dialogue for one of our current films into Arabic. The audio tape ran a little faster than the 16mm Film Projector, and with simple on and off adjustments the Arabic track maintained reasonably close lip sync to the drama. "This film is tremendously popular all around Arabic communities in Israel." Wayne told us. "Many will come to Christ as a result of the work these boys have contributed."


The next morning we made a quick survey around the area, as Wayne showed us possible locations for a future potential film. Then George drove us south to Nablus, where we also met numerous Palestinian Christians. We had tea with a pastor who voiced keen interest in our proposed film project. From Nablus, we drove over to the River Jordan, and then headed directly south toward Jerusalem. At the northern outskirts of Jerusalem, we came to the print shop of our long-time friend, Victor Smadja. Victor and his 2 sons appeared in our film, STRANGERS

Plug Into The Source

Of All Power!

FROM GALILEE. He is a commercial printer, normally in his shop from early morning until late at night. Shortly after first meeting Victor, I apologizedfor bothering him with such a busy schedule. "Oh no," Victor explained, "always go to a busy man, if you want to get things done. There are 24 hours in a day, and if you have a very very busy day, get up an hour earlier, and you have 25." Victor also publishes Christian books, which are distributed and sold all across Israel. Even back then, it was Victorís conviction that there were hundreds of secret believers across Israel already. Known Christians like Victor, however, can expect persecution. His apartment once was set on fire and his car destroyed. "Our suffering is nothing compared to that of Christ," he told me.


It was Friday and getting late, and I remembered on a previous trip to Israel we had arrived on Saturday. Nothing could be sold on Saturday according to law. Those wanting to eat must purchase their meal tickets on Friday by 6:00 p.m. to use on Saturday. Fortunately, we found a man who would dispense with some tickets so that we could get a meal following some weary travel. It was Saturday again, and all Israelis had ended work late Friday night to observe their Sabbath Day of rest. No work could occur on the Lordís Day. After 6:00 p.m. Saturday evening, however, when the Sabbath had concluded, Victor gave us directions to visit a family in another area of town. As we neared the location, we began to see ugly posters here and there, and then a wall completely covered with the same posters, denouncing the family with whom we were visiting. What solid gems these Israeli Christians were.


The first to meet us was a young man in his early 20's, known all over Israel as first viola in the national symphony orchestra. Symphony music was almost as popular as rock.


(To be continued in segment #2.)





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