Computer Donations


You can give to InterComm by donating computers which enable us to expedite our projects.


Getting God's Word to unreached people groups is accomplished faster and more accurately if the proper tools are available. InterComm personnel need computers to facilitate our daily outreach projects.  The computers will be used by InterComm personnel to facilitate current and planned projects--all for the purpose of spreading the Gospel to the world.


We need IBM compatible notebook and desktop computers and accessories for business & communication.  We need MAC computers for graphics & web development.   Here's a list of our high-priority needs:  


Minimum Requirement

Operating System

Windows  XP/ Mac 9.0, OS X


800 MHz/ Mac: iMac, eMac, or G4


512 MB

Hard Disk Space

40 GB


56K or High Speed (DSL or Cable)


32X or faster


17 inch or larger

Display Settings

1024 x 768/ 24 bit (true color)


Contact Person:
Doug Haines, Computer Donation Program
Phone: 800-458-1387 or 574-267-5774
E-Mail Address:

Shipping Address:
InterComm, Inc.
Attn: Doug Haines
1520 E. Winona Ave
Warsaw, Indiana  46580

Gifts to InterComm, Inc. are tax deductable.
Please send your request for a tax-deductible receipt with your shipment.