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A Pioneering Effort

Bhutan Recording Project



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Christians are denied religious freedom and are persecuted in various ways. Church buildings are forbidden with few exceptions. Most fellowships meet in homes. A Bhutanese, who becomes a Christian, can face the loss of citizenship and other benefits, such as health care, free education, employment, and even in some cases access to electricity and water. Despite this, groups of believers are forming and increasing across the country. Two pastors, who were scheduled to come to InterComm's Set-Up Meetings in Jaigaon, India, could not attend, as they were detained by the police for their Christian activities.


Dzongkha is the official language of the country but Nepali is also spoken due to the large numbers of Nepali immigrants that have come into the country. The Buddhist Bhutanese majority has suppressed the Nepali culture and language. Many Nepalis remain in refugee camps where Christian fellowships are being formed. The number of believers among these people is growing.


InterComm Strategy

In late March, Lane and Jill Anderson, met with a group of 5 Christian Bhutanese leaders, led by Samel Sharma, our long-term contact in Bhutan. Due to the difficulty and expense in obtaining a visa for Bhutan, we met in the border town of Jaigaon, India. We were small in number, but the men who met us are the best Christian translators in the country, well known for their good work. The prospect of 5 Christian films in the Dzongkha language was enthusiastically received. Their first choice was the film, TASHI FROM TIBET. This dramatic motion picture speaks to the mind set of a Buddhist considering Christianity, and the Tibetans in the film mirror the Bhutanese people.


PILGRIM'S PROGRESS was their next choice along with the Indian film, JOURNEY TO THE SKY, the story of Sadhu Sundar Singh. Two children's films are yet to be finalized.


Can you pray about your part in this pioneering effort. The men we met with are excited about the prospect of being able to show these films in homes and small meeting groups, where they will not draw attention to themselves, but be able to present the Gospel in a non-threatening way. The only other known Christian Media in the country is the JESUS Film in the Dzongkha language.


How Can You Participate?


Funding Will Be Needed. This is a pioneering work. You can be a big part in spreading the Gospel in this country for years to come through the dubbing of these films into Dzongkha. Could you pray about your financial part in this Project. The Committee wants the InterComm Team to return in January or 2015, as this is the school break for the country, freeing up students and others for work on the Project.


Prayer Will Be Essential. Satan owns this country. Prayer will be vital to the Project's success, the implementation of the Media, and the safety of those involved. You can join in the blessing of this Project by joining our Prayer Warriors from around the world.



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