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The Assamese Language

Recording Project

for 2016

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InterComm Strategy


Assam Team


In March of 2014, Lane and Jill Anderson were encouraged to vist long-time friend, Amzad DeCruz, in Assam. He had helped InterComm set-up the Nepal Project back in 1998. We had stayed in touch with Amzad and his wife, Yoorila, over the years. Even had them in our home. He retiredseveral years ago and moved to Assam to head up evangelism and discipleship projects. One of his goals was this dubbing project. Although Amzad got us to Guwahati in Assam, we never saw him. He was by that time very ill with cancer, and actually left this life shortly thereafter. But...he asked his good friend, Sukumar Momin, to fill in for him.


We had a good meeting, with those that came together, and Sukumar was elected leader of the group for a Assamese Project in 2016. Sukumar also came to Siliguri, India in March 2015 (site of our Bhutan Recording Project), while we were there, to observe the process, watch how it works, and draw his own Conclusions as to how to do it better. He is a very organized and detail-oriented person. Recently retired, he has already observed ways his Team will accomplish the Project to the best of their ability.


We will be recording at at the Baptist Center in the heart of the city of Guwahati in Assam. They have a recording studio on their campus. Food is also readily available. There are many hotels nearby within walking distance for Lane and Jill as well. Since they have already had a year to begin preparations, translation has long been underway for their 5 film selections. They have chosen for their children's films - DOMBI and SPACE SHUTTLE JOURNEY, both animation films. Their adult or family titles are PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, JOURNEY TO THE SKY, and MARK OF THE RED HAND. The last 2 films were actually produced in India. These 5 films are quite ambitious titles, with many lines and some difficult parts. So, much time will be needed for the recording process.


Anabelle & Sukumur Momin,

Project Leaders


How Can You Participate?


Funding Will Be Needed. The Team is in place. The translation work is well underway. Logistics and arrangements are already planned, but no dates as yet set. It all depends on God's people providing the necessary funds to accomplish this Project - a Project to present tools that speak Assamese to help win souls for Jesus. We can't go to Assam until the budget is met. InterComm would like to accomplish the Recording Phase in the first half of 2016, if possible.


Prayer Will Be Essential. We learned a long time ago that the most important part of any Project is the Prayer Team. They are praying for us in Assam. Will you pray for them, both now, when fund raising is fundamental, but also later when the actual recording begins and on into the editing and distribution?


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