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 Torch Kit in Action
Torch Kit being shown to children

What is a Torch Kit?

Torch Kits are for use in rural village evangelism in the Two Thirds World.  A Torch Kit comes equipped with the Filmstrip Projector that operates on 12 volt electricity. 12 volt is the power from a car, motorcycle battery, or dry cells that put out 12 volts. The Kit comes with a Spare Bulb, a 110 or 220 Power Converter to use when electricity is available, and a selection of Drama Filmstrips with English scripts that can be translated into any language or dialect where you minister. This powerful ministry tool is being used all over the world and bringing scores of people to Jesus Christ every month.



Rev. Dr. Stanley C. Nwoji from Enugu, Nigeria from his newsletter:
During the day we began visiting homes in the ministry area sharing the Word of God with all who would listen and inviting them to our open air crusade at night. That evening, we planned to show the JESUS Film, but our video equipment, previously tested in town, was not working. We had brought along the Torch Kit, provided by InterComm. This Torch Kit is a kind of Filmstrip Projector. We projected a film called MR. GOODMAN AND HIS GOLD, and God worked wonders with that little film, and 61 people gave their lives to Christ. This was really surprising to us, as we had intended to use the Torch Kit for discipling and teaching the children.

The next day we went to town to bring another video machine and tested it to make sure it was working, but again that night it did not work. We again used the Torch Kit. The Miracle of the Torch Kit. It is not a motion picture so it gives you great opportunity to explain the Gospel to the people, using their own language and context. That day a lot of people were ministered to. On the average, we had 232 people attending the meetings and over 100 decisions were made. Now there is a growing church in Jioke and Jesus Christ now reigns as Lord there. We are glad you sent the Torch Kit.


Mr. Timothy Nathaniel Jah from Man, Cote D’Ivoire:
The Torch Kit is a very active tool for evangelism. Whenever the filmstrip is shown, both children, youth, and adults are ministered to. Everyone who watches the filmstrips is blessed. The filmstrips appeal very sharply to the minds of our people and move them to discover their filth of sin. . .the very first day we launched the Torch Kit Outreach, we ministered to 485 people with 16 salvation decisions. Praise God for the Torch Kit!


Pastor J. Prabhudas from Tenali, India says:
This Filmstrip Ministry is a great encouragement to me. A Principal of a secular college was very attracted by the drama story, THE JUDGE. After seeing this Filmstrip Story, he was saved.


Evangelist National Alemayehu from Bench Zone, Ethiopia says:
My sincere thanks to you for the way the sweet Holy Spirit of God has blessed my ministry through the inspired small films and the Torch. By using this strong tool at night time any where, God is breaking the bond of the devil. I lack the words to express the use of this tool. All in all, our God is showing His almighty power to these unbelieving people. . .Thank you for filling my lamp with fresh oil.


Rev. FFK Abotchie from Osu-Accra, Ghana says:
I am very sorry to keep you and your co-workers in suspense about the great things God is doing through the Torch Kit Ministry. In fact, God is literally turning hundreds of people from the worship of vain and mundane things to the living Christ we serve. The Torch Kit is invading many lives, which were for years untouched. He has transformed many lives which were going rusty. Praise the Lord! The miracle of the simple message of the filmstrips amazes us, the users, a lot. Well, we cannot put the living God in a straight jacket. He moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.


Elder Moses Ntow from Cape Coast, Ghana says:
We do feasibility studies for each area where Torch Kit ministry will take place. This helps us determine the people in the area and the type of film presentation which will best suit them. This has worked miraculously for us in the more remote locations. We have now seen more than 300 children come to Christ through the filmstrip showings, and we have set up special Clubs for them so that they can grow in their knowledge of Christ, learn Christian songs, and become active church attendees


Torch Kits Do you need filmstrips only Reach the World!

Torch Kits are available for purchase for $300.00.

Torch Filmstrip Projector

- Spare Bulb
- Power Converter (110 or 220 V)
- 10 - 14 Appropriate - Filmstrips and Scripts

They are $10.00 plus shipping.




If you would be interested in donating a Torch Kit, we can also arrange for a $25.00/month for one year donation. Please contact us.

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