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At Intercom Media, we’re simply obsessed with the newest technologies. From the latest gadgets to the hottest games, we deliver information hot off the press to feed your appetite for tech knowledge.

Fascinated with the role of tech in our lives, we write up reviews about any gadget we get our hands on (so expect a lot.) We take our editorial integrity seriously and are shamelessly transparent about sponsored posts. If we publish comparison and rating articles, they are in no way influenced by our monetization methods.

At Intercom Media, communities from around the world can converge in a single platform where they speak the same language: technology. We also welcome contributors who are equally passionate about tech and want to share their research or insights with everyone.

Where It All Started

Intercom Media started out as a bunch of nerds frequently bumping into each other in forums. The idea to create the site sprouted when our founder and editor-in-chief Martin McTavish expressed his frustrations about the growing number of monetized and commercialized tech sites that offer little consumer value. A year later, Intercom Media was born.


The site focuses on providing relevant, timely and relatable tech information about the latest technologies. We’d gone through many changes over the years and finally, in 2017, we found our voice and niche. Now that we’ve settled our editorial board with Martin taking the lead, we’re confident that Intercom Media will be one of your best sources of tech info.


meet the team

Martin McTavish


The Boss. He looks over everyone’s work and writes our stellar editorials.

Scott Logan


The Tinkerer. As a gadget aficionado, Scott looks over our gadget reviews and how-to’s.

Glenn Yoo

Computer Industry News Editor

Boy Genius. A [healthy] computer addict, Glenn oversees all computer industry news.

Apriya Rai

Tech Industry News Editor

S&T Guru. Spending years as a tech journalist, Apriya handles all things tech.

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