Grow Your Vegetables Indoors with MiracleGro’s Newest Countertop Gardening System

Green thumb hopefuls and apartment dwellers, rejoice! You can now easily grow vegetables indoors with MiracleGro’s WiFi-enabled countertop gardening system called AeroGarden Bounty Elite. Like its predecessors, AeroGarden Bounty Elite is a hydroponic indoor garden that can be set up almost anywhere, making them ideal for people who want home-grown produce but have limited space.

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Making Your Own AI Gadget Just Got Easier with Google’s Updated DIY Kits

Programming just got cooler and easier thanks to Google’s AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself) Projects. Ladies and gents, we’re happy to announce that AI gadgets are now more accessible than ever. On April 16, Google launched the 2018 updated kits to their AIY Projects to bring computer science and programming to the masses. The kits’ price

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huawei p20 pro

We Have a Contender: Huawei P20 Pro One Ups Galaxy S9

Two weeks following the release of Samsung Galaxy S9, another phone is already here to steal its spot. At an event in Grand Palais in Paris, Huawei introduced its new flagship devices including the Huawei P20 Pro. Like the Galaxy S9, Huawei’s P20 Pro has extreme zoom, super slow motion video and advanced night mode

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