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How Much Does a Cyber Security Skills Gap Cost in Australia?

Small businesses will have to rely on third-party IT service providers for their cyber security requirements, primarily due to a lack of skilled and qualified talents, according to non-profit group Australian Cyber Security Growth Network (AustCyber). A 2018 report showed that Australia likely has lost more than $400 million in lost revenue because of the

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How Being a Business Owner Taps Into Your Creativity

To say that entrepreneurship is a challenging task is definitely an understatement. The path toward becoming a successful entrepreneur with a stable and prosperous business is littered with challenges. To overcome these hurdles, you would need to invest plenty of resources, time, effort, and skills. Creativity is one of the most important things that you

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Write Killer Meta Descriptions and Headlines for Conversion

An effective online marketing campaign consists of many small parts working together. Each one has a role that contributes to the overall success of your business. The headline and description are two aspects of your search engine optimization strategy that may attract, hook, and convert potential visitors that read them. It takes some creativity and

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Ways to Increase Brand Awareness for a Small Business

Unlike large companies that are already popular, small businesses have a lot of work to do to carve out their place in the market. Creating a trustworthy brand isn’t easy, but it is an essential part of marketing. Having a brand that people love and can relate to will increase your sales. But how do

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How to Increase your iPhone’s Security against Cyber-Threats

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and the threat of cybercrime ever-present, we all need to take steps to protect our devices, including and especially, our phones. Nowadays it isn’t enough to keep your phone physically secure, it has to be kept digitally secure. While there are many ways to attack your phone and steal

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What You Should Do When Your Business is Growing

A growing business is one of the definitive signs that your efforts and strategies are working, which means that you are heading in the right direction. This may give you a sense of accomplishment, and it may even make you feel like you are a proud parent. After all, running a business is like raising

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Repurposing Content for Maximizing SEO’s Impact

Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly changing. It is dynamic, technological, and content-driven. Professionals follow technology in search of the best results. Ten years ago, the main strategy was backlink stuffing, which later changed to relevant blog content. Content marketing was quickly dissected into Instagram and Snapchat feeds. The change in strategy can have a

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Qualities of a Good SEO Consultant

Almost everything is accessible online. This is one of the reasons why businesses both big and small are also looking into the importance and utility of having a website for their business. The demand for such presence prompted the rise in SEO services. But, aside from helping out your name out in the online world,

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Four Ways a Marketing Agency Will Help You Grow Your Brand

Sports are a worldwide indulgence. People watch sporting activities every day, and so it is essential for brands to associate with certain values in order to gain exposure. This association helps create a positive perception and attract appropriate stakeholders. However, this does not just happen; sports personalities and their given establishments need a profound marketing strategy to

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3 Practical Ways of Achieving Efficiency in a Warehouse

A warehouse manager holds the major role in ensuring efficiency within the warehouse. He is expected not only to manage the flow of goods from one point to another but also ensure high productivity from the workers. Detailed planning ought to be put in place to achieve a seamless operation. 1. Inventory System In the

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