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6 Common SEO Problems and How to Solve Them

The Internet market is competitive. Every business wants to establish its online presence by creating reliable websites. However, you need more than hosting a website if you want to stay at the top of search engines. You need to come up with solutions to problems facing search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that your

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Expanding Beyond Instagram: What Your Brand Should Do

First, you traveled to an amazing and beautiful place. Then, you posted on Instagram about the breathtaking scenery of that place. The next thing you know, you are advertising a product or service to the thousands of followers you have amassed while doing something you love. Starting on Instagram is noble—and may seem effortless—but Instagram

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Understanding Blockchain Technology

Guest Post by Roshita Pant Bitcoin is a digital currency, which means, it’s a totally computerized type of cash. As the overall population has turned out to be progressively taught about the advantages of cryptographic money, they have begun to genuinely put resources into it. That, as well as it’s really ending up very basic

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How-To: Charge Your Phone Wirelessly

Going wireless is actually pretty straightforward. You find the charger that matches your phone, you plug in the unit into a wall socket, you put your phone on a charging pad and soon your phone’s battery is full. (Yeah, there’s still a wire involved but none between your phone and the charger.) Of course, the

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Appliance Cleaning Hacks You Need to Follow Regularly

Guest Post by Taylor Gill It’s important not to overlook the maintenance needs of the home appliances that are an important component of your home’s overall functioning. After all, not cleaning them from time to time or taking care of their maintenance needs can affect their overall durability over time and you may end up having

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This Week’s How-To: Keeping Your Android Device Virus-Free

Is your Android device acting up? The guys and gals of Intercom put their heads together to give you a guide on determining if you have a virus on your device, removing the virus and preventing Android viruses from finding their way to your device. Finding the Sneaky Little Buggers Malware does not announce itself

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