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What Your HR Service Management System Can Do for You

At the forefront of innovation are IT companies that have managed to find ways to improve not just their deliverables but also the processes involved, from project creation to project launch. It will be a shame if such a streamlined company cannot extend its efficiency to its HR department. It feels counterproductive to have an

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Increase your Brand Value with Productivity through your Mobile App

Guest post by Nancy Mundy Being reliable in your business is the key to consistent business. One way to make that easier is to invest in a virtual phone system or a cloud-based system on your smartphone. It’s easier now than ever before. You don’t even need to carry two different phones anymore. You simply

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It’s a Ruse: Instagram is not Going Back to Chronological

You’ve probably seen several headlines claiming that Instagram is changing back to its chronological feed.  But don’t get too excited just yet. To be more accurate, Instagram is simply coming up with a different algorithm and artfully stating that the changes will make recent posts “more likely” to appear. In a post published on Thursday,

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