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4 Strategies to Effectively Manage Your Business

Successfully managing a business does not happen by accident. It requires proper planning, oversight, and determined organization. The management needs to be keen to identify loopholes that might hinder the success of the business and come up with mechanisms to deal with the danger before it happens. Your business also requires creative thinking and robust

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Top IT Needs That You Need to Meet

Having effective US IT solutions is one of the essential components for success in today’s modern world. If you don’t have it, then you risk a lot with regard to your systems. You depend a lot on IT systems to keep your business running effectively from day to day. It’s very costly to train and

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What Exactly Is The Internet Of Things?

There was a firestorm of discussion about the capability that we now have to communicate with one another over long distances with minimal effort. It’s not surprising that with the Internet being used to get connected with the world, it might soon be used to communicate with other things as well. The Internet of Things

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Protect Your Business from Threats on All Fronts

Any IT company knows threats are always lurking, waiting for an opportune time to take your empire down. Even big businesses have to handle threats, and each risk they take can either backfire or prove ingenious. Small businesses, though not in the immediate radar of hackers, may not have the best security guarding critical corporate

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Modernizing The Auto Shop With Modern Day Digital Solutions

Car manufacturers have stepped up their game with the addition of many technological devices in the automobiles they produce. For auto shops, this means they have to step up their game as well as repairing cars continue to become more complicated. Partner the complexity of current car models with the increasing number of car owners

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Network Security

Network Security Threats: What You Should Know About Denial of Service Attacks

The term “DoS” or Denial of Service attacks refers to incidents that make systems on computer networks temporarily inaccessible and unusable. DoS attacks could occur due to certain activities of network administrators or users, but usually occur due to the acts of malicious individuals or hackers. These attacks could cost businesses money and time while

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Uber’s Using AI to Detect if a Passenger is Drunk

Carpooling has its joys but it can also get uncomfortable at times – especially if you have to share the ride with a drunk carpooler. From dealing with drunk people’s loudness to avoiding getting puked on, many people who have ridden an Uber late at night can share a thing or two about drunk riders.

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Google teams up with CyArk to Preserve Endangered Wonders of the World

Google is working with tech nonprofit CyArk in preserving the world’s wonders in virtual reality. In a joint effort called Open Heritage, Google teams up with tech nonprofit CyArk to provide the public with virtual reality (VR) access to the world’s endangered historical sites. CyArk, a 3D laser scanning nonprofit is responsible for scanning the

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