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Reopening Your Business Post-COVID-19

The unforeseen effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have taken a toll on the economy and businesses of all sizes. But with restrictions easing and many companies adapting to the new normal, many offices are now reopening and welcoming employees that can and want to return to work. However, the dangerous problem with COVID-19 is that

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Trending Aerospace Advancements to Look Out For

After numerous years of incremental development and innovation, most people are glad to witness the golden age of invention, particularly in the aerospace industry. Who would have thought that brilliant aircraft giants such as Airbus and Boeing would be made in less than a century since the construction of the first plane launched by the

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Social Media Management for Small Businesses

Many of us remember a world without computers, smartphones, and the internet, but if you were born in the late 90s or early 00s, it’s all you’ve ever known. If you needed a job, you could always create a profile on LinkedIn. If you wanted to buy something, you log on to Amazon or eBay.

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Facebook Hacks To Boost Your Sales

You’ve load tested your site to ensure that it won’t be affected by traffic surge, implemented a few tweaks to enhance responsiveness across various devices, and are ready to score more business, but are your Facebook ads tailored to facilitate such business inflow?  Every marketer understands that this is a period they can score valuable

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SEO Can Save a Struggling Business during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected businesses in almost all sectors across the United States. The lockdown from the first half of the year has forced many businesses to shutter their doors, some for good. Many businesses have survived the lockdown by shifting their operations online. As people stayed indoors, shopping for goods, including food

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No More Mondays: The Story Behind The “Last” Garfield Comic

Death is not something most comic books shy from: Superman dies in the hands of Doomsday, Black Widow is murdered by an evil version of Captain America, and so on and so forth. Basically, if it makes even just a tiny bit of narrative sense, the writers will kill off a character, no matter how

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Poppy Northcutt: The Woman Who Took Us to the Stars

In every film or TV show about space flight, there will always be a scene that involves mission control and their army of quick-thinking engineers providing the hero astronauts with crucial and often life-saving information and strategies. This isn’t just silver screen mythology: in real life, the men and women of mission control, from the

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How IoT Can Help Make Communities Safer

The internet is an amazing wonder. It can connect people from all walks of life. Do you know that it can also make your community a safer place? IoT can help in the collection, analysis, and processing of data and information from a wide range of sources, such as flood sensors, RFIDs, medical devices, and

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Leading Trends in Business Intelligence: Know What to Expect in 2020

Technology is always pushing forward and you need to keep up with the trends. Your IBM Cognos implementation partner helped you get up to speed but now you have to look forward to upcoming changes. Here are some coming trends in business intelligence so that you know what to look out for. Managing Your Data Quality Businesses

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Bracing for Impact: Making Sure Your Business Can Take Online-only

Because of the sudden changes that we are all experiencing nowadays, businesses are now forced to adapt, or they’ll die out. It’s now pretty much a necessity to get online and make transactions and marketing there. When you truly want to survive in these current times, you have to be able to change for the

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