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Is the World Ready for Hybrid Working Arrangements?

When COVID-19 broke out, it literally changed the way we lived our lives. It has not only threatened public health and safety but also upended several aspects of our lives including our work. Work and COVID-19 Businesses and companies were somehow forced to embrace a remote work model. Mind you, it is not new but

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Types of Intellectual Property Protection

If you want to protect your intellectual property from others to avoid the chance of being used without your permission, it is best to seek legal protection in this case. Seeking property rights over your intellectual property helps create rightful ownership that prevents and eliminates any chance of unlawful use of your property. Let’s discuss

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Starting a Dental Practice: A Guide

The American Dental Association states that in 2020, out of 100,000 Americans, 61 are dentists. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also gives a comprehensive list of dentists by state. Based on these numbers, the number of dentists is simply not enough, especially in the next few years. By the year 2030, the demand for dentists is likely

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Best Backend Server Hosting Platforms

A Backend server can significantly impact the success of any application program. Selecting the wrong backend server does not only affect the working of your app but can also undermine the security, scalability, and reliability of the app. On the other hand, the correct hosting service can save you a lot of time, effort, and

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Technological Inventions that Changed the World

Many inventions across human history have revolutionized how we thought about certain things and our behavior towards them. As such, defining the most important ones can be futile, not to mention an endless debate. Here are four technological inventions that helped shape the world and made us dream of just how far innovation could take

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Multiple Target Audiences: Is it Feasible for Small Businesses?

Small business owners are advised to find their niche. A niche, or target market, is a group of consumers with very specific traits or backgrounds. They’re the ones deemed to benefit from a particular product or service the most. Businesses focus their marketing strategies on their target market in order to gain sales and brand

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Digital Marketing and How It Can Help Your Business

The digital marketing industry is booming, and it’s no surprise that digital marketing has become a vital part of all businesses. Digital marketing can be used for anything from advertising to customer service and everything in between. So if you want your business to reach more people and generate more revenue, you should consider investing

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How is the Pest Control Industry Transforming Today?

Pests are only one of the numerous annoyances that may interrupt your company. They may seem to be innocuous, but they may cause a slew of problems, ranging from pollution to increased expenses. No one is entirely immune to infection, no matter how clean your building is. However, with the appropriate information, you can adequately

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Google Says Bye to Third-party Cookies: Is This the End of Tracking?

In 2019, Google announced a major change: Chrome, its web browser, will drop support for third-party tracking cookies. The move was a response to concerns over privacy that consumer data is being mined and then used for purposes far beyond its initial intent. Goodbye, Tracking Cookies Around the world, internet users are becoming warier of

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Three Major IT Security Risks Caused by Employees

Technological breakthroughs have transformed everyday life and the business landscape in many positive ways. Despite the many benefits of these innovations, these advances made it possible for cybercriminals to destroy more businesses. Meanwhile, cybersecurity services are doing the best they can to protect a business’ IT infrastructure and digital assets. Every year, the cybersecurity threat environment has

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