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Securing Information in the Modern World: Common Database Technologies

Securing information has now become more relevant than ever. It remains a challenge for the biggest IT corporations to sell DBMS products that are proven secure against the most clever hackers. As the world witnessed how existing technologies are at constant risk of data breaches, the demand for more secure and better database technologies remains

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Remembering the Lost World of GeoCities

Today, when we think of the internet, we think of our smartphones, Google, and the cloud. With the ever-strengthening internet connections through Wi-Fi or mobile data, people always, always have access to it wherever they are. It’s so essential and integrated into our daily lives that it’s hard to imagine that, just twenty years ago,

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Business Communications: A Guide to Creating an Effective System

Starting a business will require a lot of effort, sacrifices, and energy on your side. You will be doing whatever it takes to get the gears running. Once your operations start to function, you will find running a business requires more hands than you have. You will have to hire people who can help you

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Understanding the Latest Trends in Security System Technology

Security is one of the biggest concerns in this chaotic world of aggravating crimes. As we come across several nerve-racking tragedies of housebreaks daily, we must increase our home security for our protection. Over the years, we have seen criminals adapt to the new tech and use it to make unique robberies. Therefore, we need to

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4 Technologies to Use for Your Business Operations

Creating a business will always force you to exert a lot of effort and resources to achieve growth and success. Even then, the assurance of profitability might still be uncertain. You will be tinkering, mixing, and experimenting with different operations and procedures to check what provides them with the most benefits. However, you will find

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The Risks of Non-Compliance For Your Business

Corporate compliance refers to the adherence of a company to the laws and regulations that aim to protect the welfare of its employees, agents, and other stakeholders. There are many areas of a business where compliance is necessary, including hiring, wages, workplace safety, taxes, licensing, and many more. If a company fails to comply with

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What Are the Top Trending Technologies in 2020?

Keeping up with the latest technologies makes you aware of what will be in store for us in the future. That includes trending jobs, businesses, and skills. As we already all know, technology can dictate the course economy will take. Below are the latest technologies that are on the rise in 2020: 1. Artificial intelligence

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You Can Secure Your Business in the Cloud

The cloud has opened up tens of opportunities for organizations to streamline service delivery, enable collaborations, real-time information sharing, SaaS, and Paas, among other services. However, as companies move their data and applications to the cloud, most of them are worried about compliance and security. The rules that apply when securing the cloud are different

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Curb Online Threats with These Simple Suggestions

Given the huge number of smart device users in the digital ecosystem, they’ve become targets for malicious individuals. Cyber threats, such as online scams, flood attacks, cross-site scripting and spoofing attacks have kept IT professionals on their toes for years. The global economy loses $30 million per minute due to these online criminal activities. Without proper

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Keeping Your Private Data Private

As we become more and more reliant on the Internet in our everyday lives it is safe to assume that your technological devices are an attractive target, full of valuable information, for cybercriminals and hackers all over the world. Due to this, you must always remain vigilant about the security of your private data, staying

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