Everything to Know about Sound Reinforcement System

A sound reinforcement system consists of earphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers, single processors, and other such items that will help in getting louder sounds.
Sound reinforcement system becomes complex only when it is needed for huge events. Else, for smaller events, it just needs a public address system where a single microphone is connected to a loudspeaker.

The Purpose

The fundamental purpose of a sound reinforcement system is to receive the signal and then convert or amplify into a suitable enough for listening.

Whenever you are consulting with the sound reinforcement system, you will be dealing with a lot of issues that will come up on a regular basis.

1. Tone

The moment you deal with the problems, relating to the tone, the sound might not come out of the speakers as it is supposed to be. There can be many reasons behind it.
For instance, poor selection of microphone, its placement, and issues related mixers and sometimes speakers.

2. Range

Every system is designed with a purpose. If you are having a system that is being used for broadcasting the announcements across a vast territory but is not loud enough to hear or perhaps have clashing frequencies, irritating sound – then always modify the system.

3. Stereo And Mono

This issue deals with the fact where the stereo or the listener when it is not placed correctly. If you possess, panned elements like a live gig panned at left and right. Then anyone has hearing issues. The simple way of dealing with the issue is by playing the audio at mono. It means even if the person is deaf or hard of listening, the person won’t miss a word by hearing it through the headphones.

Stereo means the sound is heard from the various directions. It becomes achievable by arranging different loudspeakers.

4. Factors Affecting Sound Quality

One of the most important issues to be considered when you are designing the sound system consider whether anything present in the room is reflective.
Also, always consider testing the sound system in an empty venue because it is going to sound different. Moreover, when you put in a room full of people that distinct sound.

Different Kind of Systems

1. Ground Stacked

In this system, speakers are stacked vertically that rests on the ground. Besides, they are placed at sub-bottom where a tweeter is placed on it. Most of the times, the ground stacked sound system in for small outdoor events and gigs where they are reinforced at the front of the stage.

2. Analogue and Digital Mixers

A digital mixer helps in receiving, balancing and equalizing the signals that are sent. For the management of physical hardware, the input signal is being controlled by the analogue mixing desk while for software it’s the digital desk. There’s no much difference except for an analogue desk will need outboard pieces of equipment while in the digital desk almost everything is inbuilt with the effects.

3. Line Array

A vertical strip of speakers that is being swung from top ceiling or top of the stage is called Line Array System. It consists of individually large speakers, used for large venues or outdoor events where it enables in reinforcing from middle to back areas of the crowd.

There is much more to know about Sound Reinforcement system. But the above article sums up about it in a minimal way.
A sound reinforcement system is used in enhancing the clarity of the original sound. Additionally, it also adds loudness, overlapping of echoes and vibration. So, next time you are planning to organize an event for outdoors, hire a firm for a sound reinforcement system.

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